Branding and promotion on Instagram – WORKSHOPS

Szerző: Matusinka Beáta •  Fotók: Pikrea • 2019. október 8.


Branding and promotion on Instagram –WORKSHOPS

Registration is open for the extremely useful workshop with the subject Branding and promotion on Instagram organized at the Innovation Center in Satu Mare, on November 8 th , starting at 9 AM in Hungarian, as well as on November 9 th , also at 9 AM, in English. The workshop is presented by Kónya Beáta, communications advisor, called by many Hungary’s Instagram guru, founder of the PR advisor and Instagram marketing company Pikrea.
Besides all the advice about marketing on Instagram, she is searching for an answer to the question concerning the way you can build a base on Instagram so as to allow you at the same time to send your brand related messages to a public who is interested in you, in your subject, and who you can also successfully convert. The purpose of the workshop is to teach this to you! Instagram is a perfect territory for any service or product for which the target audience is represented by the age group that is active on Instagram, and whose message can be efficiently conveyed in a visual way. But here there are other things that yield results than on other social media platforms, so that the communication of brands and products also requires different strategies.
This practical, group workshop explores in depth: how to build a base and a brand, what is efficient conversion communication on Instagram and how this platform based on visual experience can be an effective way of reaching our commercial goals.

For whom is this workshop?

This comprehensive workshop, with a strategic and practical approach, organized for a small group, is the ideal choice for you if your answer to any of the questions below is yes:
  • You would like to sell your own service or product on Instagram
  • You are familiar with Insta, you have been even trying for a while, you are confidently sharing contents, but the time and effort invested still don’t seem to pay off
  • You don’t have a conscious marketing strategy on Instagram, and in the lack of it, continuously fighting with the changing algorithm you have the feeling that you are stuck in the creation of a community, the activity of your followers is weak, let alone the conversion? You have realized that what worked well on Facebook is not necessarily working here
  • You don’t know what to do with the new features, if it’s useful or not to use IGTV, for what is the Story more effective, if you can do branding, etc.
  • You are having trouble optimizing the announcements on Instagram
  • You have no idea when communication on Instagram is working
  • Or you simply do not have the ability to build an Instagram strategy on your own, although you know it would be important.
You can register by filling out the registration form on the website. The number of participants is limited. The duration of a workshop is of 6-7 hours. The participation fee is 500 RON (35.000 HUF).
We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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